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Point System

Points are calculated from the results of all SCPPHC shows and other approved shows.
Our affiliate clubs may request approval for the addition of their show points to the
SCPPHC points accrual system, however the qualifying shows must be within 300 miles
of Norco, California. All show points are recorded and maintained by the show
secretary. The show secretary is also responsible for abstracting and recording show
points accumulated by other approved shows.

                         Show Point Accrual Scale:
Placing            SCPPHC Shows                Other Approved Shows

1st Place         35 points                        25 points
2nd Place        30 points                        20 points
3rd Place         25 points                        15 points
4th Place        20 points                        10 points
5th Place        15 points                        5 points
Championship    55 points                    45 points
Reserve Championship" 40 points            30 points
Champion of Champion" 75 points            65 points"

All point accumulations begin on the date a completed membership application and
dues are received by the club secretary. Points are not retroactive and the owner(s)
listed on the registration papers must be a member to accrue points and qualify for year
end awards