Jan 22, 2012

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SCPPHC Board Meeting Minutes – Telephone Conference

January 22, 2012


All Board members on line; Danell Adams, Carole Hackett, Cathy Yaskivich, Robin James, Carolyn
Truskowski, Susie McMahan & Daryl Thompson.

Meeting was brought to order by Danell.

Web-site – Per Kelly Powers, the web-site bill is $10.57.

May Show- Chris Austin will pay for this air ticket and we will reimburse him. Tammy Rimes volunteered
to do hospitality.

Banquet – We will pay for the banquet room, Saddle & Harness will order the cake which will be picked
up by Robin. Robin and Cathy will be at the reception table. Plans are for an agenda program. Danell has
the 2 horse head awards plus the medals and Carolyn has the balance of the awards. Susie and Danell
will put the labels on the medals. All the Board members will do some of the presentations. May do
the “pledge of allegiance” and Danell will check on a flag.

Expo – We need some more volunteers to work the booth and someone to break down the booth on
Saturday. After the Expo, everything will go to the new storage unit. May ask for volunteers at the

Gold Rush Show Approval – Discussed was whether or not we will approve the Gold Rush Show – we
had changed the rule to not approve shows out of state at the October Board Meeting. The subject
was reopened again. Suggested was for all “outside” shows to receive 50% of the points currently given
SCPPHC shows. A decision was made to poll the membership on this new suggestion and the current
policy that has been in use with approving outside shows within 300 miles of Norco . We also would
poll using the recently approved policy of approving shows in California only within 300 miles of Norco.
Danell will write up the opinion poll and submit it to the Board for review.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:30pm

Respectfully submitted,

Cathy Yaskivich, SCPPHC Secretary