Jan 6, 2012

posted Aug 1, 2012, 9:31 AM by Peruvian Site Updates
Coco’s, Lake Elsinore, Ca.

6 Board members in attendance; Danell Adams, Carole Hackett, Cathy Yaskivich, Robin James, Carolyn
Truskowski and Susie McMahan. Missing was Daryl Thompson.

Meeting was brought to order by Danell.

Minutes ( 2 sets) were accepted as written.

Treasurer’s Report - $13,125.61 plus $391.92 in parade funds. $125.00 still owed from the show and
$300 additional to come in for the parade fund from Roadscholar. Approved.

Old Business;

Rose Parade & Equestfest – Cathy gave a wrap-up report on the parade and activities. Motion made by
by Carole and 2nd by Robin for Danell to be Marshal of the parade group this year. A committee will be
formed for the parade outfits and we will need a new drill.

Pomona contract – Need to confirm the indoor arena is available in the case of rain. Carolyn and Danell
will make sure it is in the contract.

Banquet – Motion made by Carolyn and 2nd by Susie to approved ordering the wood medals for 2nd –
5th with the price of $604 or less. Susie will order the labels. Susie will also pick up the awards at G &
W as well as the award buckle at Broken Horn. The menu was reviewed. Robin will pick up the cake.
Saddle & Harness will do the decorations and our cost will be about $150. Robin and Cathy will be at
the registration desk. Ordered 100 lanyards and 60 flashlights at the cost of $519 and one flashlight
with lanyard will be handed out at the registration desk to each person at the banquet. For the service
awards, each person will receive a club decal magnet and a service credit letter for $10. We will sell club
decal magnets for $5 each. Danell will M/C the banquet. Carole will get a certificate printed for MLM
Bandolero, a pre-award for his El Supremo. An agenda will be printed up. Everyone needs to collect
items for the silent auction. Cathy will prepare bid sheets.

Web-site – Need the password from Lou Campbell to complete setting up the domain.

April Playday – Facilities will cost $150 for the day plus $10 for each horse. It will be held April 15 th, 9am
– 4pm, with a clinic in the morning and classes after lunch.

Storage unit – No decision made yet.

May double show – Joline is available for the Show Stewart position. Need people for the positions of
Ring Steward and Ribbon Master. Carolyn will order horse head awards for one of the shows.

“Mission” Statement – Need to work on the “Mission” statement for the Handbook.

Expo – Daryl and Danell will do the initial set-up. Jorge will head the demo group.

Meeting was adjourned at 9pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Cathy Yaskivich, SCPPHC Secretary