June 7, 2012

posted Aug 1, 2012, 9:41 AM by Peruvian Site Updates
Coco’s, Lake Elsinore, Ca.

6 Board members in attendance; Danell Adams, Carole Hackett, Cathy Yaskivich, Robin James, Carolyn
Truskowski & Susie McMahan. Missing was Daryl Thompson.

Meeting was brought to order by Danell.

Minutes were accepted as written.

Treasurer’s Report - $8884.60. Recap from show to be completed. Some show funds still due us and
some bills yet to be paid.

Old Business;

Pomona show – Went well with few complaints. Patty White has the logo items and has volunteered to
do hospitality in the future.

Burbank show – Agreed to pay $25 per diem to the judges with Joline taking them to lunch and
breakfast at the hotel. All other workers will receive $35 per diem. Clyde James– ring steward, Joline
Hahn– show steward, Daryl Thompson – gates, Karen Sund – announcer, Carole Hackett – barns, Susie
McMahan – ribbons. Decision yet to made on whether we will have a show manager or divide up the
duties between the Board members. Agreed to use blue buckets with sunflowers instead of cones in the
arena. Discussed the class list and awards and decided to look into a limited use credit card acceptance
system. Photo paper will be used on the cover of the premium.

2013 shows – Trying to book LAEC for Memorial Day weekend for the Spring/Pacific Coast and sometime
in October for Fall Classic/Grand Shows.

Poker Ride – Postpone until after show season.

Website – All to review and changes to be discussed at the next meeting. Will offer regular and business
card ads as well as sponsorship packages. Decided to add a photo section and will look into offering a
Junior Program.

By-Laws – Need to have separate meeting.

Laureado stalls – Laureado winners will receive a free stall at the show where the horse is to receive the
award. Needs to be included in the handbook.

Newsletter – Lauren needs information.

The next meeting will be July 12th.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Cathy Yaskivich

SCPPHC Secretary