March 1, 2012

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MARCH 1, 2012 - 1730


Danell Adams, Robin James, Carole Hackett, Suzie McMahan, Carolyn



Daryl Thompson, Cathy Yaskivich

Meeting called to order by Danell at 1800


Approved as written


Balance of $5922.00. Outstanding checks to deposit are between $250-300.

The club is still owed one check from an exhibitor. All outstanding checks have

A discussion ensued about requiring two signatures on our checks. However, the Board feels at this time that a single signature is sufficient. Robin encouraged the use of our credit card so that we can accrue points for purchases.



Kelly is progressing with the new website. Discussion about design and doing an ad program, possibly a package idea with the upcoming show sponsorships. The site should be up and available to members very soon, with the understanding that it is a work in progress. Other vendors should be solicited as well...such as feed and tack stores, truck dealers, etc. Carole volunteered to head up this project.

Opinon Letter:

The board discussed limiting El Merito and El Supremo awards to ONLY attendance at So Cal shows. The board will discuss lowering the point system without diluting these prestigious awards. All outside shows will receive 100%
but must be within 300 miles of Norco. Approval letters are sill requested.

Performance Warm-up Day:

More discussion on the April event. The board would like to have a clinic in the morning, a round table at lunch and a few classes with awards in the afternoon. The plans are still being discussed. The charge will likely be about $75 per exhibitor. The facility in Fallbrook will cost $350. Danell will talk to Bonnie Gallegos as the potential clinician/Judge.

May Show:
The final class list has been submitted to Arlynda Castro/NAPHA. The board made a couple of minor adjustments in the order of classes.

Opinion Letter:
The board further discussed the option of sending out an “opinion letter” in regard to how points are accumulated at the different shows. However, it was decided that all shows within a 300 mile radius of Norco, will receive full points.

However, the board has decided that points towards the Clubʼs El Merito Award and the El Supremo Award will be accumulated at SCPPHC shows only. Consequently, the board will also be reviewing the required number of points to
earn these awards, with the intention of being more in line with the inability to accumulate points for these two awards at other shows.


High Point Awards:

The board has elect elected to combine the shows towards only one high point award versus one for each show. Also, there will be no reserve high point awards for the adult classes. The exception to this are the Junior Classes. Each
show will award a High Point Junior and a reserve junior

The following High Point awards will be awarded at the Spring Show:

Amateur Owner to Ride
High Point Mare
High Point Stallion
High Point Gelding
High Point Horse of Show (Receives Stuart Hamblen Trophy & neck ribbon.)
High Point Senior
High Point Juniors and Reserve Junior

Please note:

After the 2012 show season, all perpetuals will be retired. The Stella Long Trophy has been retired and will not be presented during the 2012 show year.

Premium Notices

The following will be announced in the first premium:
Changes in point accumulation
Status of perpetual trophies
NAPHA Rule Changes (as they apply to our show)
Notice to exhibitors that they must declare intent to compete for high point(s) and/or the triple crown award
Fairplex requirement for 72 hour health certificates.
Danell will also do an eblast soon to make these announcements so that members are assured of good, advanced notice.

Saturday Night Hospitality:

Tammy Rimes mentioned to Danell that she may wish to participate by hosting a hospitality night. Danell will contact Tammy Rimes

Show Contracts:
Danell presented contracts for each member of the show staff who will be receiving some sort of compensation. Per Diem was established at $25.

Cathy was not present at the meeting, so it was not established that a letter has been sent to the Peruvian Association on behalf of Mariano Cabrara


The board is very motivated to provide unique and nice awards for our members. We also have to stay within a budget. It was decided that limits would be set as we begin shopping: $35 for reserves, $50 for Championships and $65 for
Champion of Champions. We viewed some nice trophies that fell within this price range in addition to some Author Court items. The board agreed to give Carolyn and Suzie full decision making power to shop and decide on awards as long as
they are within the established budget.

Meeting adjourned at 2040

Danell Adams
President - Acting Secretary