May 10, 2012

posted Aug 1, 2012, 9:40 AM by Peruvian Site Updates
All Board members in attendance; Danell Adams, Carole Hackett, Cathy Yaskivich, Robin James, Carolyn
Truskowski, Daryl Thompson & Susie McMahan.

Meeting was brought to order by Danell.

Minutes were approved with minor change as noted.

Treasurer’s Report - $3241.55. We were paid funds owed us by a participant from the Sept. We owe for
the awards for the show. All agreed to move the Parade Funds to the general account to avoid service
fees being charged by the bank. Report approved.

Old Business;

Show – Need volunteers for logo item sales. Decided to have a silent auction so need to accumulate
auction items. Joline will pick up Carolyn Mittrick and Chris Austin from the Ontario Airport. Diana
Whisenant may be able to pick up Mariano Cabrera from LAX. Tammy Rimes will host hospitality on
Friday afternoon and a discussion with the judges will be held at that time. Tammy will also handle
hospitality on Saturday morning. We may have 3 riders carry the flags on Saturday morning. Steve
Sunshine may sing the national anthem on Saturday. Some changes to the premium are needed so the
changes will be posted in the office as well as in an e-blast. Carol and Carolyn will handle sponsorships.
Cathy is having the Certificate of Insurance changed to add an additional insured statement required by

Membership – An e-blast will be sent to remind all that haven’t renewed to please do so especially if
showing as points are not retroactive.

Trail Ride/Social Event – Agreed to hold a poker ride, perhaps at Camp Pendleton, which would be
followed by a BBQ. Possible date of August 25th.

Rose Parade – Daryl working on the application with help from Cathy and Danell.

Point Scale – All points will be accrued using the scale approved in 2011 for the SCPPHC shows.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Cathy Yaskivich

SCPPHC Secretary