January 8, 2015

posted Aug 28, 2015, 7:31 AM by Kelly Powers
SCPPHC Board Meeting Minutes

                                                                                         January 8, 2015

                                                                                         Coco’s,Lake Elsinore,Ca.


Roll call; Robin James, Carole Hackett, Cathy Yaskivich, Joy Gould, Danell Adams & Linda West. Absent was Patty White.

Meeting was called to order by Robin.

Minutes were accepted as written.

Treasurer’s Report - $8231.03. There is an outstand show bill owed us for $225. 

Robin has e-mailed and sent an invoice and Joy will follow up..

Old Business;

Judges & NAPHA forms – Cathy will send the contracts for the Fall/Grand show and complete the NAPHA forms. Gold Rush will handle the judge contract for the Spring show.

Fiesta – We have received a request via e-mail from Rosie Heffley to approve Fiesta for SCPPHC points. Danell made a Motion, 2nd by Robin to approve Fiesta of the Spanish Horse for points towards our year-end high point awards with no fee in exchange for hanging the Club banner in the show arena. Passed unanimously.

Annual banquet – This will be April 19th at Hacienda Sosegado. Joy will check on caterers.

Gold Rush Show – The Gold Rush committee will handle everything. We are to get sponsorships.

Fall/Grand Show – The Club will try to host a social for the members. Laureado will be presented to RCh Purisimo

Website – Robin will check with Lisa Bially to see if she is interested in handling the website.

Club Banner – Need a new “tag” line. Tabled until February.

NAPHA General Meeting – Motion by Robin, 2nd by Carole to donate $100 towards the meeting. Approved.

Pomona Expo – Motion by Danell, 2nd by Carole to donate $200 to Jorge Valenzuela towards the booth at Expo. Our banner will be put up and well as handouts – directories, calendars, NAPHA show programs, etc. Passed unanimously.

Monthly updates – Robin will post monthly updates by e-mail.

Playday/seminar/ride – Discussed holding a ride, perhaps at Fiesta Island or through the wineries. We have had suggestions for a breeding division seminar and will check into maybe holding one along with Los Amigos. July or August seems the best time.

SCPPHC Facebook postings – Robin will handle.

Advertising our shows – Linda will handle.

Additional awards due from Sept. show – RDD Huaquero is owed a Laureado and WF Patrimonio  owed a Res. Best Gaited.

Credit Card set-up – Thea will handle.

New Business;

A Tennessee Walker show will be held Nov. 6-8 at LAEC which offers classes that are open to Peruvians. Joy would like to encourage members to attend this show.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Cathy Yaskivich.

SCPPHC Secretary