March 8,2017

posted Jan 6, 2018, 4:10 PM by Kelly Powers

1. Roll Call: Members present: Carole Hackett, Linda West, Robin James, Patty White, Doris
Jackson, Rebecca Milligan. Absent: Cathy Yaskivich.
2. Meeting Called to Order by Carole.
3. Approval of February Minutes. 1 st Linda, 2 nd Rebecca, approved as submitted.
4. Treasurer’s Report. Submitted by Robin. (Attached)
5. Gold Rush Show. Carole reported our club has done our part, we are in a holding pattern,
waiting for the web site to be updated and the final class list to be posted on the web site.
Discussion on changes to Novice classes, there will be 3 instead of 2.
6. Pacific Coast/Grand Championship Shows. Discussion on ordering awards. Robin will order 1 st
Place glassware, Linda and Carole will order Championship awards, Patty will order ribbons.
Robin report on class list changes. Show personnel: Carole – Show and Barn Manager, we still
need a Show Steward and a Ring Steward, Carole will contact Terry McGinley and Marilyn Doud,
Ribbons – Judy and Lisa Marie, Gate – Roger, Announcer – Carolyn, and Secretary – Thea. Robin
has the LAEC contract, she is contacting the hotel, and is also working on the premium, Bill
Mulhouser will be on the cover.
7. Playday – May 21 st . Rebecca reported ribbons and awards are all in. Danell Adams will be the
Judge. Patty White will announce. Volunteers are needed for the sign up table. Discussion re:
the classes. Rebeccca will finalize the flyers and post them.
8. Flowers – Will be sent to Giesla Mulhouser with condolences and to Arlynda for speedy recovery
from her March 20 th hip surgery.
9. Web site. Our club site need to be updated.
10. Next Meeting. April 5 th at Carini’s in Murrieta.
11. Meeting adjourned 7:05 pm.
Submitted by Patty White