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BOD Communication regarding Perpetual Trophies

posted Mar 19, 2012, 12:48 PM by Peruvian Site Updates
Dear Members,
In our recent club update, the board announced that perpetual trophies for the 2012
year...with the exception of the Junior Award...would be discontinued and the trophies
retained by the club. Since that post, the board has received comments from some of
our members on the matter: pros, cons and compromises. Consequently, we wish to
assure our membership that the issue will be revisited by the board during the April

Aside from the initial member update, this board has not sent out any additional
communications on the matter. Please know that some discussions were circulated in
private forums and blogs and the board was not included to receive a response,
although a few have been forwarded. Consequently, we cannot guarantee that all
responses have been received.

The board would appreciate a direct response from our members on this subject,
perhaps with additional options to consider, so that we may make a well informed and
appropriate decision on behalf of our members.

Thank you,

Danell Adams